‘Lost at Sea’ is inspired by the currents and waves of the ocean. It’s fluid, forever moving and free; this concept translated into a collection of elegant, staple pieces lovingly designed to be enjoyed for many years. The garments in this collection are crafted from luxurious fabrics – pure silk, wool jersey and jacquard. 

Our items are not mass-produced: each piece is made to order, so when you buy, you know that your garment was made especially for you – the kind of care and quality often lost in today’s world. In investing in yourself you are also supporting a local designer, supporting ethical supply chains and Australian manufacturers, and investing in sustainability.


Why Is Nadia Foti An Ethical Fashion Brand?

The fashion industry likes to portray itself with an image of luxury, glamour and never-ending good times. However, there is a dark side of this industry which has become better publicised since the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. On the 24th of April 2013, five garment factories fell; 1,135 garment workers lost their lives and 2,250 were injured.

According to many reports the buildings were flagged as unsafe. But it is believed that due to looming production deadlines, the garment makers were ordered to return to work by their managers, resulting in the tragic loss of so many lives. News of this tragedy became one the key catalysts for Nadia Foti to create an ethical clothing brand.

Although there has since been some change in the industry and consumers are now more aware of the ethical and social implications of how their garments are made. There are still many brands across both spectrum in high end luxury through to cheap fast fashion brands, who sadly continue to exploit workers in developing countries by underpaying and providing terrible working conditions.

What Does It Mean To Be An Ethical Clothing Brand?

We only work with makers who are Accreditation by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), our maker Tatyana Design is accredited with ECA an organisational body that guarantees that all workers throughout the Australian supply chain receive fair wages and decent working conditions. In order to receive this accreditation, the brand’s entire local supply chain is mapped and examined.

Most clothing sold in Western countries are manufactured in countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Brazil  where workers are too often subjected to exploitative wages, excessive work hours, unsafe working conditions and child labor. The unreliable reinforcement of workplace regulations in these countries is why we felt it is important to manufacture our garments here in Melbourne, Australia.

By manufacturing our garments in Melbourne we are able easily inspect the factories and ensure that the workers do in fact have a safe and good working environment. This also allows us to closely monitor the quality and craftsmanship of each piece.

Furthermore, through manufacturing locally we are helping to strengthen the local textile, clothing and fashion industry. By fostering local jobs we can work collaboratively towards a more ethical and transparent industry standard.

For further reading on Rana Plaza please see the below link:

Fashions Lack of Accountability

Sustainable Manufacturing

We embrace slow fashion. Our garments are made to last by using the highest quality fabrics and manufacturing techniques. Some of the styles are limited editions to ensure exclusivity and individuality of the piece.

In order to increase the sustainability of our garments, each piece is made to order.

Sustainable Packaging

We have taken a lot of care, consideration and research to ensure our packaging is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. 

Our mailing boxes and brown wrapping paper are Australian made and are created from 100% recycled cardboard and paper.

We use 100% recycled paper and printed (where possible) with vegetable based inks.




Our items are not mass-produced: each piece is made to order, so when you buy, you know that your garment was made especially for you.

Nadia Foti 2-B&W square.jpg

Nadia Foti is an award-winning designer known for her elegant and tastefully dramatic pieces.

Her designs for race wear have won awards at the Melbourne Cup, including four consecutive years as a grand finalist in the Design Award.

In 2014 Christine Spielmann won first place at the Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field, in an outfit custom made by Nadia Foti.

In 2008 Nadia Foti won the ‘Australasian Young Designer Wool Awards’ and was given the opportunity to study and work in Milan, Italy. 

After working in the fashion industry in Melbourne, Milan and London she has returned to Melbourne Australia in 2016 to create her ready to wear clothing label ' Nadia Foti'.